Terms of Use

Welcome to the Bixin site (http://www.bixin.com, hereinafter referred to as the “Site” or “Bixin” or “Bixin Site”).  Beijing Inevitable Technologies Ltd. (北京必然如此网络技术有限公司,hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) runs Bixin and enjoys all rights and bears all obligations under this agreement.

Before your registration, please be sure to read all terms of this agreement carefully.  Once you click the “[agree to register]” button on the Registration page to complete Registration and obtain account and password of Bixin, “Terms of Use” of “Bixin” (hereinafter referred to as the “agreement”) is reached between you and Bixin.  You hereby acknowledge and agree that this agreement will be basis to determine rights and obligations between you and Bixin.  The company is entitled to amend and supplement terms of the agreement and publish on Bixin from time to time.  Amendments and supplements to the terms of this Agreement shall come into force immediately upon publication.  Your continual visits or use of Bixin is deemed as consent to the amended and supplemented agreement.  Otherwise, you can terminate this agreement by stop visiting Bixin.  

You hereby promise that

  • i) you obey laws, regulations, rules and other government orders of People's Republic of China;
  • ii) you will not interfere bitcoin trade order;
  • iii) you will not use Bixin’s services (“the Service”) to organize or participate in money laundering or other illegal activities.

 You should assume all legal responsibilities independently if any illegal consequence occurs resulting from your violation.  If any illegal activity or breach of the agreement occurs or any user can be reasonably suspected of violating from relevant evidence by Bixin, Bixin reserves the right to:

  • i) suspend or terminate the Service to the User;
  • ii) publicize the violation or breach on Bixin and the Internet;
  • iii) report to the authority and cooperate with the investigation, including but not limited to disclosing all of the User’s account information, transaction records and other information.  The User assumes consequences, risks and liabilities in any and all of aforementioned behavior on his/her own.  Once the User signs the Agreement, he is deemed to understand and accept aforementioned terms, authorize Bixin to publicize relevant information and take corresponding measures permanently and irrevocably.  

“Bixin Anti Money-laundering and Bitcoin-laundering Declaration” on Bixin is an inseparable part of this agreement, and the User' acceptance of this agreement is deemed as acceptance of whole contents of “Bixin Anti Money-laundering and Bitcoin-laundering Declaration”.  This agreement includes the main body of this agreement as well as any other rules, declarations and instructions issued or to be issued in the future.  All rules, declarations and instructions are inseparable parts of this agreement and have the same legal effect with the main body of the Agreement.  

1 Definition

1. Bitcoin: bitcoin (referred to as BTC in short) is an internationally-used legal virtual commodity.  

2. The “Site” and the “Bixin Site”: a bitcoin transaction platform operated and managed by Beijing Inevitable Technologies Ltd., with the domain name http://www.bixin.com.  

3. “User”: all registered members of Bixin who accept and agree to all terms of the Agreement and terms and operation rules published and updated from time to time.  

4. “Registration”: the process of logging into Bixin, filling in relevant information as required and confirming the execution of relevant Terms of Uses.

5.“Bitcoin transactions”: bitcoin transaction activities Users conduct via Bixin.

2 Registration, real-name authentication and recharge

1. User statements and warrants:

User represents and warrants that he/she has complete civil rights capacity and civil behavior capacity and has read and agreed to terms of this agreement.  

User with limited civil behavior capacity represents and warrants that his/her conduct of clicking the “agree to register” button has acquired full authorization from his/her legal representative.  If a User registers, logs in and uses Bixin on behalf of an organization, the User shall states and guarantees that he/she has been duly authorized on behalf of the agency to agree to the terms of this Agreement and the terms and conditions of this agreement from time to time to amend and supplement.  

2. Registration

  • Users agree to provide effective email, telephone number and other information, and set up the account and password on Bixin as required by User Registration page.  The User should ensure the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of all information provided, and take all legal responsibilities and legal consequences of providing any untrue , incomplete or inaccurate information.
  • A User is entitled to an account and a password on Bixin after legally and effectively providing complete information required for Registration.  The account and password is used for Users to log into Bixin as a member.
  • Obtaining of account and password of Bixin is a successful Registration; Users agree to receive e-mails and/or messages relating to management and operations of Bixin.

3. Before conducting bitcoin transactions, successfully registered Users must be, according to the certification requirements of Bixin, provide his/her own true identity card number, shoot and upload a photo with ID card in hand to finish real name authentication.  After successful authentication, Bixin will assign a fixed, general account bundled with the Username of the User.  The account shall correspond to the escrow accounts held by Bixin under Bixin's own name in a third-party payment platform or bank.  

4. Users can increase the balance of the general account on Bixin by depositing money in the escrow account.  All transactions happening on Bixin shall be conducted through the escrow account.  Any funds received by escrow accounts held by Bixin from your personal bank accounts (including online bank account, third party payment accounts, etc., similarly hereinafter) bundled with Bixin is deemed as funds you pay to Bixin.  Payment made by escrow accounts held by Bixin to your personal bank accounts bundled with Bixin is deemed as proper and effective payments to you.  You are obligated to keep your bank account information safe.  Bixin is free from any responsibility or consequences of your bank account theft.

3 User service

1. Bitcoin wallet

  • Personal bitcoin wallet and monthly account: the User can charge or withdraw at any time;
  • Safe deposit box: for safer bitcoin wallet service, multiple signature safe deposit box and enterprise safe deposit box are provided

2. Bitcoin exchange

  • Users can browse bitcoin real-time quotes and transaction information on Bixin, submit bitcoin transaction instructions through Bixin and complete transactions.  
  • Users can view all the information on Bixin, and have the right to use functions Bixin provides.

3. Other services

  • a Complying with the activity rules released by Bixin, Users can participate in activities organized by Bixin.
  • b Complying with the service rule released by Bixin, Users can use other services Bixin promises to provide.

4. Service charges


5 Usage rules

Users shall obey all applicable laws, regulations, rules and normative documents.  Users shall guarantee all funds and bitcoins in the accounts are from legitimate sources.  Users shall not conduct illegal activities or activities infringing rights of Bixin or a third party, including but not limited to

  • i)sending or receiving any information violating laws, regulations, Public Order and Good Custom or rights of others,
  • ii)sending or receiving pyramid sale materials or other harmful information or comments,
  • iii)using or forging email header information of Bixin without authorization, engaging in any trading with bitcoins void of legitimate sources, and
  • iv)any illegal transactions.

Users shall properly use and protect his/her account and password, capital password, binding cell phone number and e-mail during Registration, verification code or link received by cell phone or email, and other necessary information for using Bixin.  Without the consent of Bixin, the User shall not grant, borrow, lease, transfer the account, or otherwise authorize or allow the third party to hold and/or use the account.  A User undertakes all responsibilities for any operation via his/her account and password, capital password, mobile phone authentication code and other information.  When unauthorized use of the account, password, capital password, verification code or other information by a third party was found by a User, he shall notify Bixin effectively at once, and require Bixin to suspend the account.  Bixin has the right to verify, estimate the User's request and act appropriately within a reasonable period, but Bixin does not take any responsibility for risks or losses occurring before taking action.

6 Service suspension or termination:

In any following occasion, Bixin can suspend or terminate the Service to the User with appropriate notification:

  • Necessary maintenance and construction of network equipment;
  • Sudden failures of network equipment;
  • Network communication equipments used by Bixin fail to provide service due to unknown reasons;
  • Unable to provide online services due to force majeure;
  • Requirements by relevant governmental agencies.

In any following occasion, Bixin can suspend or terminate the Service to the User at any time without prior notification:

  • personal data provided by the User is inaccurate, untrue, invalid or ineffective;
  • Users use any third party program to log in or use the Service;
  • Users abuse rights and damage the interests of Bixin;
  • Users do damage to other User;
  • Users violate or Bixin reasonably suspects that Users violate laws and regulations;
  • Users violate social customs or social morality;
  • Users violate other rules in the agreement.

4 Transaction rules

Users promise to obey Bixin's bitcoin transaction rules as well as other transaction rules updated or announced from time to time by Bixin, during the process of bitcoin transactions through Bixin:

1.  Browse transaction information

Users shall read the transaction information carefully, including but not limited to the price of bitcoin, entrusted quantity, transaction fees, purchase or sale details, the User can click buttons to trade only after fully accepting all contents of the transaction information.  

2  Submit entrustment

After browsing and certifying transaction information, a User can submit transaction entrustment.  Such submission will be deemed as authorizing Bixin to match possible transaction.  Bixin will automatically match deals which meets the User's entrustment price without prior notification.  

3.  Check transaction details

Users can check transaction records and confirm transaction details in management center.  

4  Cancel/modify entrustment

Users can cancel or modify an entrustment of transaction matchmaking to Bixin at any time before the deal succeeds.

5 Rights and obligations of Users

1. Users have the right to accept the Service provided by Bixin specified in the agreement.  

2. Users can terminate services of Bixin at any time.  

3. Users have the right to withdraw funds or bitcoins from the account at any time on Bixin, while obligated to pay corresponding withdrawal fee, except when the User is involved in crimes or other conditions as contemplated under this agreement, and the authority or Bixin adopt restrictive measures such as freezing, attachment or transaction prohibition.

4. Users are responsible for authenticity, validity and safety of his/her personal information submitted during Registration.  

5. Users shall not interfere with normal transactions, disrupt transaction order, use any funds or bitcoins with unclear or unlawful source in transactions or engage in any illegal activities.  

6. Users shall not interfere with normal operations or other Users' use of Bixin by technical or other means.  

7. If Users are in dispute with others resulting from online transactions, the user must request a judiciary or government department’s judicial order to retrieve relevant information from Bixin, and Bixin will not provide relevant information by other means.  

8. A User shall not slander the reputation of Bixin maliciously by making up fictional fact, and shall not adopt any action damaging legitimate rights and interests of Bixin.  

9. If Bixin accidently overpay or double-pay the User bitcoins or funds resulting from failures of computers, information network, computers, communication system, electricity system or other system, or operational mistakes, etc., the User shall return the spare bitcoins or funds through original path immediately, and such return shall no later than 10 days after receiving reasonable notifications and reminders from Bixin.

6 Rights and obligations of Bixin

1. Bixin can refuse Registration application or cancel membership account of a unqualified User as contemplated under this agreement, and claim compensation for losses resulting from the User or his/her legal representative.  Meanwhile, Bixin reserves the right to decide whether accept the User's Registration or not under any other conditions.

2. Bixin can terminate a user’s account if it finds the actual User of account is not the initial register.  

3. If Bixin reasonably suspect a User submitting false, untrue, invalid, incomplete or illegal information, harming other Users, violating social customs and social moral, Bixin can notify the User to correct, update the information, or suspend or terminate the offering of Service to the User.  

4. Bixin reserves the right to correct obvious errors in any information shown on Bixin at any time.  

5. Bixin reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate its service without giving notification in advance, but shall be followed with a public announcement.  

6. Bixin shall take necessary technical and managerial measures to ensure normal operation of Bixin, provide necessary and reliable transaction environment and services to maintain bitcoin transaction order.  

7. If a User fails to login with his/her account and password on Bixin within a year in a row, Bixin can cancel the account.  Corresponding Usernames can be offered to other Users for Registration.  

8. Bixin protect the safety of Users’ funds and bitcoins by increasing technical investment, improving security defense and other measures.  Bixin are obligated to inform Users of foreseeable security risks.  

9. Bixin can reserve all Registration and transaction information Bixin in this agreement during and after terminating this agreement but shall not illegally use such information.  

10. Bixin can delete any contents inconsistent with national laws and regulations, regulatory documents or User evaluation without prior notification.  

11. If any illegal activity or breach of the agreement occur or can be reasonably suspected based on relevant evidence by Bixin, Bixin can

  • i)suspend or terminate the Service to the User;
  • ii) publicize the violation or breach on Bixin and the Internet;
  • iii)record such information in any credit archives.  

12. If any User conduct any illegal activity or breach the agreement or can be reasonably suspected based on relevant evidence by Bixin, Bixin can freeze the User's account of Bixin (including RMB capital account and bitcoin account), restrict or forbid the User from using any function of Bixin, and take other necessary and reasonable measures conforming to the anti money-laundering laws and other laws and regulations.  Bixin will cooperate with the police investigation actively and positively, and disclose all of the User’s account information, transaction records and other information, including but not limited to name, ID number, contact information, photos, bank transaction records, etc..

13. If Bixin suffer any reputational damage, economic loss or expenditure as a result of User’ violation of law or terms of this Agreement, Bixin can require the User to clarify the facts, rehabilitate the reputation of Bixin and compensate for all losses or expenses of Bixin at his/her own expense.

7 Liability exemption

To the extent permitted by law, in any case, Bixin does not assume responsibility for service failure, service delay or Users’ losses resulting from

  • i) network equipment maintenance;
  • ii) information network disconnection,
  • iii) shutdown of computer, communication or other systems,
  • iv) power failures,
  • v) strike, labor disputes, rebellions, insurrection, riots, terrorist attacks, shortage of production power or production materials, earthquake, fire, floods, storms, explosion, war, governmental behavior, judicial and administrative orders, any force majeure or any reason beyond Bixin's reasonable control.

8 Intellectual property rights

1 Bixin holds all intellectual achievements, including but not limited to copyrights of Site LOGO (LOGO), database, web design, texts and graphics, software, pictures, software compiling, source code, applications, programming interface of application, and other related copyright and other intellectual property rights.  A User shall not duplicate, modify, copy, imitate, send or use any aforementioned materials or content.  Any User shall not carry out, use, transfer or authorize others to carry out the above-mentioned intellectual property rights for any purpose.  Any unauthorized use of the contents of Bixin is illegal action.  Bixin will take legal actions against such illegal actions.  

2 All rights and interests in the name of Bixin (including but not limited to goodwill, trademark and logo) are owned by Beijing Inevitable Technologies Ltd..

9 Change and termination of the agreement

1 Users agree that Bixin can change any contents, service term, operation term at any time.  Such changes will be announced on Bixin and take effects upon the announcement.  Your continual use of the Service is consent to the terms of the agreement as amended.  If the User does not agree with the change, he shall stop using any services.  

2 After termination of this agreement, the User cannot demand Bixin to provide any service to them or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to reserving or disclosing the original account information, forwarding any unread or unsent messages to the User or any third party.

3 After termination of this agreement, Bixin can return the balance of the account [to the original state] or dispose with it conforming to relevant laws and regulations.  The User assumes all risks, losses and responsibilities for failures or hindrance due to the User's reasons.  

10 Privacy policy

1 For the purpose of delivering the Service, Users agree that Bixin can record, save and use

  • i)his/her Registration information (including personal identity information),
  • ii)browser or server data(including IP address and other data) Bixin receives when the User visits Bixin or uses the Service and
  • iii)other User information Bixin acquired legally.  

Bixin will not provide, sell, lease, share or exchange Users' personal information to/with any unrelated third party.  However, for Users’ convenience, Users agree Bixin to conduct comprehensive analysis of Users' identities and transaction information.  Bixin will not disclose any data that can help personal identification; if a third party analyzes User personal information from the User's Username or other disclosable information, Bixin does not assume any responsibility.  

2 Users agree that Bixin can disclose or utilize Users' personal information to recognize and confirm Users’ identity, resolve disputes, ensure Bixin's safety, prohibit or limit illegal or criminal activities.  Users agree that Bixin can disclose or use the User's personal information to protect the User's life and property, prohibit serious infringement of legitimate rights and interests, or for public interests.  The User agrees that Bixin may disclose or use the User's personal information to enhance service of Bixin, tailor service to Users' requirements to provide better experiences.  User consents to receipt of information potentially of his interests.  Such information shall include introduction and sale of products, services, promotional discounts or commercial short messages of business investment opportunities, etc.

3 Bixin will disclose Users’ information in good faith when Bixin was forced by law or government or was requested by the infringed regarding user’s identity.  Bixin will disclose Users’ information when Bixin regard it to be necessary for protecting Bixin, Bixin’s agents, customers, Users and other people's rights and property, implementing the policy and terms of Bixin

4 Users agree that if Bixin plans to undertake mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, sale of all or part of the shares and/or assets, Bixin can disclose User data to complete the transaction in the premise of signature of a confidentiality agreement with the related parties in aforementioned transaction.  

5 Bixin is not responsible for other sites’ privacy statement or other contents.

11 Anti money-laundering

1 Bixin obeys and implements the People's Republic of China Anti Money Laundering law.  Bixin adopts User identification system, customer identity information and transaction record storage system, and large-sum and doubtful transaction report system.

2 In Registration and reporting loss of transaction password or capital password, the User shall provide and upload ID card photos for Bixin to recognize and contrast with personal information provided by the User.  Bixin can refuse User’s registration, or freeze/cancel an account with reasonable reasons to suspect the user using a false identity to register or transact.  

3 In reference of Administrative Measures for the Financial Institutions' Report of Large-sum Transactions and Doubtful Transactions, Bixin

  • i)reserves records of large-sum transactions and transactions suspicious of money laundering,
  • ii)report doubtful transactions to regulatory agencies, and
  • iii)provide large-sum and doubtful transactions records as regulatory agencies requires .

4 Bixin will

  • i) reserve User identity information, large-sum and doubtful transactions records;
  • ii) assist the judiciaries and administrative law-enforcement agencies to strike on money laundering according to laws and regulations;
  • iii) cooperate the judicial, Customs, tax and other departments to inquire about, freeze and deduct Users' funds or property.

5 In accordance of anti money-laundering policy and in order to ensure client assets security, the remitter's name must be consistent with the name proposed in real-name authentication.

6 If Bixin finds, or receives reports or complaints of potential violations of anti money-laundering laws and regulations, Bixin can freeze, ban, cancel and take other measures to the User account.  Bixin assume no responsibility for such behaviors.

12 Risk warning

1 Internet is a decentralized, global public network, and is not controlled by any agency.  A data transmission route over the Internet is not entirely certain; it is subject to potential interference or intrusion.  Data transmitted over the Internet can be intercepted or falsified by unauthorized individuals, groups or institutions.  Data transmission on the Internet may delay by busy communication, or interrupted, stalled, incomplete or wrong for other reasons, resulting transaction flips, delays, pauses or deadlocks.  Users’ online transaction identities may be leaked or counterfeited for their negligence or other reasons, causing damage to the User.  The User's computer may affect login, transaction time or transaction data, and causes losses due to performance deficiency, quality problem, virus, hardware failures or other reasons.  The User undertakes losses or liabilities of such risks autonomously while Bixin does not bear any responsibility.  Nevertheless, Bixin will take advanced network products and technical measures to maximize protection towards User information and transaction.

2 Bitcoin transactions involve great risks.  The bitcoin market is new, unconfirmed, and may not be growing.  Currently, bitcoin are mostly used by speculator, retail and commercial market is relatively small, resulting influctuation of bitcoin prices and consequently harming bitcoin investment.  There is no price limits mechanism in the bitcoin market while transaction is 24 hours open.  Bitcoin price may soar or plunge and are easily controlled by big dealers due to few chips.

3 Participating in bitcoin transactions, a User shall control risks, assess investment value and risk, and assume all economic losses.  If bitcoin transaction is suspended or banned by laws, regulations or regulative documents, a User shall assume all economic losses on his/her own.  Once the User is registered, he is deemed to have fully known and understood transaction risks on Bixin, and agree to assume potential risks or losses.

13 Liability of breach

1 violation of this Agreement by either User or Bixin shall constitute a breach of this Agreement, and the breaching party shall assume liabilities to the other party.

2 If user providing untrue, incomplete or inaccurate information cause losses to Bixin, Bixin has the right to claim compensation.

3 If a User violates laws, regulations or this agreement and conduct or using the Service to conduct illegal activities on Bixin, Bixin can immediately terminate the Service, cancel the account, and claim compensation for losses therefore.

4 If a User disrupt operations of Bixin or other Users' using by technical means, Bixin can cancel the account, and claim compensation for losses therefore.

5 If a User slander Bixin’s reputation maliciously by making up fictional facts, or do damage to Bixin's reputation by other means, Bixin can demand the User make a public apology, claim compensation for losses and terminate the Service.

6 Users agree that Bixin only compensates for direct losses of Users (including reasonable attorney fees and other expenses occurred during accountability for breach) in any case.  The compensation does not cover any expected income or profit, losses due to losing contract opportunities, and losses due to data leakage or theft, special loss or any indirect loss.

14 Dispute resolution

1 All disputes arising from the Service provided by Bixin shall be governed by the laws of People's Republic of China, and shall be governed by the local people's Court where the company domiciles.

2.  Bixin does not assume legal responsibilities by any legal relationship and legal disputes arising from the bitcoin transactions between a User and other person.  Such disputes shall be resolved by concerned parties themselves.

15 The force and interpretation of the agreement

1 this agreement enters into force when a User click the “[agree to register]” button on the Registration page to complete Registration and obtain account and password of Bixin.  it is binding to Bixin and a User.

2 if any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or cannot be implemented, other provisions of this agreement are valid nevertheless.

3.  Any additional terms of service, Bixin announced the use of specific services or rules that are inconsistent with the main body of this agreement, the specific service items under the priority for the additional terms of service, the use of rules or instructions.

4.  Bixin holds the final interpretation right of this Agreement.

16 Complaints and consulting

Bixin builds a professional customer service team to provide Users with timely answers and feedbacks.  If the User has any questions, complaints and advice while using Bixin, you can call the customer service hotline 400-6611-168 at any time or send e-mails to Bixin specified e-mail: support@bixin.com .

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