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This is the Privacy Policy of www.bixin .com which is operated by Beijing Inevitability Technologies Ltd. (北京必然如此网络技术有限公司, hereinafter and collectively with the website, “Bixin”).  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and confirm your consent to it before you become a user of Bixin.  Bixin takes great care of its users’ private information; nevertheless, as part of daily operations of Bixin’s service, Bixin may collect, utilize and (in certain occasions) disclose your information to third parties.  This Privacy Policy is an appendix of the Bixin Service Agreement which will take effect immediately after you registration and bind both you and Bixin.

A. Restrictions on User's identity

Only the individual and enterprise with full capacity for civil conduct may register on Bixin and use the services provided by Bixin.  Minor, person without capacity for civil conduct, or person limited in disposing capacity shall not submit registration application to Bixin.

B. Information

The main purpose of Bixin collecting your personal information is to provide a smooth, effective and tailor-made trading experience.  Bixin only collects your information that it deems necessary for providing foresaid service and experience to you.  You fully understand and agree that, Bixin may collect your personal information, among other methods, through the methods below: besides the information provided by you directly, Bixin may collect additional information from the public or private sources.  Furthermore, Bixin may double check information provided by you via telephone or video call, to know you better, provide unique service, dispute resolution route and ensure the safety of your transaction on Bixin.

Bixin may collect your personal information including without limitation to:

  1. the information you provide in registration process, including without limitation to ID, photo, username, password, bank account linked to username;

  1. personal information you provide or disclose to third party through Bixin;

  1. the time-point you login, the time span you use Bixin, transaction records, system logs and behavior data;

  1. brand, model, IP address and software versions of the computer and/or mobile devices you use to login and use Bixin;

  1. your other personal information or privacy automatically collected by cookies or other methods. You may modify the web browser settings to refuse cookies, then you may not experience Bixin’s services completely;

  1. when you login or use Bixin’s services through mobile devices with location function, Bixin may collect your geological location via GPS or WIFI. You can shut down this function in settings of mobile devices;

  1. when you login Bixin through link on third party platform (such as WeChat), Bixin may collect your personal information stored in such third party platform; and

  1. other information provided or disclosed to Bixin for utilizing the functions of Bixin.

Bixin will track the above personal information automatically according to your behaviour in Bixin.  Bixin will use the above information to process internal research on the user’s population statistics, interests and behavior, to know you better and provide better services to you and other users.

If you deliver personal communication information (text messages, emails or letters) to Bixin, or if other user or third party delivers your activity or login communication information in Bixin, Bixin can collect such data in your profile. 

C. Utilization of Your Information

Bixin takes great care of its users’ private information.  Bixin will adopt security technologies and program storage to protect user’s information and prevent the unauthorized visit, utilize copy or disclose.  Bixin will not maliciously disclose your personal information to make profits.  Nevertheless, you agree and authorize Bixin to use or disclose your personal information in the scope below:

  1. Bixin may use your personal information to settle or mediate dispute, to ensure the safety of your transactions and implement the Terms of Use of Bixin. Bixin may investigate several users to identify the problem or settle dispute, especially Bixin may investigate your information to distinguish one user using different user names.  To avoid fraud, illegal or other crime activities and protect Bixin, Bixin is entitled to evaluate your personal information through manual or automatic procedure.

  1. Bixin may use your personal information to improve its marketing and sale promotion work, analyze website usage, refine the contents and product promotion forms of Bixin, and ensure the website’s contents, designs and services of Bixin meet the user’s requirements better.

  1. Bixin may use your information and liaise with you (in certain occasions) delivering information you may be interested in, such as targeted advertising, administrative notifications, products and newsletters of your usage of Bixin.  Your acceptance to the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy shall be deemed as your express consent to receiving such information.

  1. You may authorize Bixin to assist you modifying the personal information you fill in Bixin.  If you break the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, or any other rules of Bixin or laws applicable, after notification via email, telephone or text-message, Bixin is entitled to delete your personal information from Bixin’s database, close your user account or restrict your usage of Bixin.

D. Disclosure of Your Information

Bixin adopts industry standard practices to protect your personal information.  Nonetheless, subject to technical restrictions and force majure, Bixin may not be able to ensure your personal communication messages or information may not be disclosed through methods unlisted in this Privacy Policy.  For such unexpected disclosure, Bixin will not assume any liability.

Upon the requirements of the applicable laws and regulatory, Bixin’s risk control policy, and any other agreements, Bixin is entitled to provide your personal information to judicial authorities and other governmental departments, social organizations or groups, or other third party service or cooperation institutions at its sole discretion.  If you do not perform your obligations under the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or other rules of Bixin, and the laws, Bixin may disclose your personal information at its sole discretion or by the application of other users related to the transaction you are involved in, and evaluate your credit.

E. Usage of the Other Users' Information

Conducting transactions in Bixin, you shall not require Bixin to provide the other user's personal information, unless:

  1. you sued the other User for his/her event of default in Bixin, and the judiciary court requests Bixin to provide judicatory aid;

  1. Bixin’s business license is revoked, or Bixin is under dissolution, liquidation, declaration of bankruptcy process which may impact the exercise of your rights.

F. E-mail

When you use Bixin’s services, we may use your personal information to send e-mails, news or notifications to your device.  If you intend to refuse such information, you can cancel subscription on the device according to Bixin’s instructions.

Bixin, if necessary (i.e., service suspension for system maintenance), may send announcements regarding the service.  You may be unable to cancel such announcements regarding the service. 

You shall not use the services or other email-forwarding service to send spam or other contents which may impact Bixin’s system operation or breach Bixin's Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

G. Security of the Password

You shall take responsibility for all actions taken under your user name and password. Bixin recommends that you shall not disclose your user name or password to any third party.

H. Modification of Rules

Bixin may modify the Privacy Policy from time to time according to your suggestions and the needs of Bixin, to reflect Bixin's information collection and disclosure rules accurately.  Any amendment shall come into force upon publication automatically or in the date specified in its terms.  Your continues usage of Bixin’s service shall be deemed as your express consent to the amended Privacy Policy.

I. Governing Law; Dispute Resolution

This Privacy Policy shall be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the PRC. Any disputes arising out of or in connection to the interpretations of this Privacy Policy or related to the user shall be submitted to the competent PRC court where Beijing Inevitability Technologies Ltd. located.

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