Bixin(HaoBTC) Pool Support


Configure Guide


Mining Address

Backup Address 1

Backup Address 2

Mining Income Rate

HPPS+ (4% PPS fee+ 2% TX fee)






Payout system introduction


Payment specifics:

Your mining reward will be paid every 24 hours. The cutoff point is 8:00 AM everyday. Your payment will show up on the balance of your HaoBTC Wallet within four hours after the cutoff point.




Commonly asked questions


Do I need an external wallet address to be able to receive my mining reward?

No, you don’t. Your mining reward will be directly sent to your Bixin Wallet.

My firewall blocks port 3333, can I still mine?

You can mine using port 443 or port 25

How can I monitor the total hash rate of the pool?

You can check it on Bitcoin data app BitKan. The “connection code” you will be required to provide is the same as your "Pool User".


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