What is HaoBTC Hash-Ex?

It is a new inventional APP in HaoBTC Wallet. Using this service, you may own a part of HaoBTC mining income and will be able to exchange it however you want.

What is Hashrate? What does Standard Hashrate mean?

Hashrate means the mining capability or the computing power.  Terahash is used in Hashrate system for showing the power consumption and even theoretical income. Right now world Hashrate is almost 2 millions Terahash/sec. 
If your Hashrate is 150W/T, it means that you will spend 0.15kWh per hour; 
If your Hashrate is 300W/T, the you will spend 0.3kWh per hour.

What is 150W/T and 300W/T? What is the difference for me as a customer?

150W/T means that per each T the system will consumpt 150W, in other words every hour there is 0.15 kWh will be used per Terahash. 300W/T means that per each T the system will consumpt 300W, in other words every hour there is 0.3 kWh will be used per Terahash.

How Hash-Ex is invested ?

HaoBTC is a sole proprietor of it's own Miners, we are making standardized products and do not lean on any accidental factors. Third party publicity you can find here: http://bitkan.com/miner?coin=btc

What is Hash-Ex minimum purchaise amount?

The minimum Hashrate you may purchaise is 1 Terahash.

What is the electricity price HaoBTC provides?

HaoBTC electricity price is 0.32CNY per kWh.

How HaoBTC splits profit?

Mining Profit/T/Day=Mining Income/T/Day - Electricity Cost/T/Day
Daily Mining Profit= Mining Profit /T/Day * Hold Hash
For example:For 150W/T standard hash,if Mining Income /T/Day = 0.0008 
BTC,Electricity Cost/T/Day = ¥1.15 ,which is 1.15 / 5000 = 0.00023 
BTC(assume BTC price=¥5000 ),then Mining Profit= 0.0008 - 0.00023 = 0.00057

If you hold hash is 100T,then Total Mining Profit= 0.00057 * 100 = 0.057 BTC

Will profit always be the same?

Amount of personal profit with Hash-Ex depends on such factors as: block difficulty and Bitcoin price. It wil not always be the same. 

How Hash-Ex profit will be paid?

Everyday at 8 am Beijing time we get the result profit of yesterday's mining. Within 30 minutes after, Hash-Ex income will be delivered to owner's balance.

Will I always be able to get my profit?

Untill mining income is more than electricity cost, you will always be getting the mining profit on your account.

Can I redeem the computing machine?

Hash-Ex is based on the Whole company's Hashrate, not some machines separately. You can only own the Hashrate and may exchange it however you want.

How can I cover the costs when buy the Hashrate?

Hashrate Echange leans on Market prices in much way: prices of Hashrate can be different in different times, and can't say for sure, whether and when it will be possible to cover the expanses. As for Hashrate on the whole, the Network Hashrate and Bitcoin price changes are almost impossible to predict. You may only guess, how all this gonna change and what kind of return or loses it may cause.

Are there any risks with using Hash-Ex?

As far as Bitcoin is a high-volatility subject, and in addition block dificulty changes every two weeks, all these factors may influence income. So we warn users to define their risks.

*HaoBTC owns the right of interpretation.

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