Notice on Rise in the Electricity Price of Hashrate

According to the “Notice on the Upcoming Hashrate Fluctuation of Bixin Mining Pool”, on 22 Aug., Bixin team has finished relocating its mining rigs, and the mining hashrate will become stable gradually. Since the electricity price has been increased substantially by the new co-mining farm, according to the agreement of “Bixin Standard Hashrate User Contract”:
If any factors that cause the electricity price variation, such as energy price variation or national policy adjustments, Bixin has the right to change the price of electricity.
From 25 Aug. 2017, 8:00am (GMT+8), the daily electricity price will be increased from 0.32 CNY per kilowatt hour to 0.6 CNY per kilowatt hour; after the adjustment, the calculation of electricity costs per T are as follows:
Product 1: 150 W/T Electricity price per T= power x 24 H x electricity price = 0.15 KW x 24 H x 0.6 CNY = 2.16 CNY
Product 2: 300 W/T Electricity price per T = power x 24H x electricity price = 0.3 KW X 24 H x 0.6 CNY = 4.32 CNY
Bixin team will try their best to get more competitive and economic electricity price for their users, and, once the electricity price declines, they will decline their price as well. Your trust and understanding are fully appreciated.


Bixin team
23 Aug. 2017