Notice On The Second Distribution of Byteball Giveaways

After “How Bixin Shares The Gifts From The Byteball Team With Its Users,” altcoin Byteball team has decided to distribute giveaways to Bitcoin holders again in the early morning on 8 Aug. Bixin has joined in this activity, received Byteballs and exchanged into bitcoins, then has distributed to its users’ wallet. Additionally, this is the fourth time that Bixin has received altcoins and exchanged into bitcoins for its users. Here are the following details:
1. The ones that can get Byteballs are users with bitcoins in Wallet. 
Finance Account and Hash Exchange are investment projects, so they are not involved in this activity. 
2.Details and information about this activity
The snapshot time:
According to the snapshot at 1:00 am (GMT+8) on Aug. 8, Bixin has confirmed the particular quantity of bitcoins for every Wallet user.
Payout ratio:
Currently, Bixin team has received Byteballs on Aug. 8 and exchanged into bitcoins. After deducting the transaction and withdrawal losses, the payout ratio is about 0.5%. Namely, if you have 1 BTC in your wallet at 1:00 am (GMT+8) on Aug. 8, you will obtain 0.005 BTC as giveaways, and so on. 
Delivery time:
At 18:00 pm (GMT+8) on Aug. 8, the corresponding bitcoins will be distributed to the users’ wallet automatically and proportionally, and the particular quantity depends on users’ actual balance. Receiving information can be checked in Wallet Bill Details (systematic delivery—8.8 Byteball candy)
As a professional Bitcoin platform, Bixin keeps improving users’ experience and protecting users’ asset security. However, it’s no obligation of Bixin to take altcoin giveaways for users; it’s altcoin team’s choice to distribute the giveaways or no, but Bixin wants to try its best to join in such activities for obtaining more revenues for its users. 
Welcome to use Bixin APP and to deposit your bitcoins; therefore you will have more chances to get giveaways from altcoin teams and to obtain free bitcoins automatically. 
Bixin team 
8 Aug. 2017