Announcement on the Dispose of Bitcoin Gold Airdrop

Dear user,


According to its plan, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) development team will airdrop BTG to Bitcoin holders by 1: 1 at the height of Block 491,407.

With the Bitcoin Blockchain reaching the Block 491,407, Bixin has already taken a snapshot right before the airdrop, and the corresponding BTG has been transferred into a third-party exchange [KKEX] ( All you need to do is to scan the QR code with your Bixin APP. Download Bixin APP:

[KKEX], a brand-new international blockchain asset exchange, is wholly owned by KKEX Technology Co., Ltd in the Republic of Seychelles.


How to receive BTG:

1. Click [TOTAL ASSET].

2. Click [Receive] in the bar of BTG.

3. Your BTG Balance will appear right after you clicked [Receive].


Risk warning:

1. At present, BTG development team has not yet released BTG official client; its blockchain has not started running, and there is no guarantee that its blockchain will be stable and sustainable after its running. Therefore, the real BTG has not yet generated; at present, there is only the distribution of expected rights and interests. The birth of BTG still has a considerable uncertainty (according to the BTG development team, they will release the official client version on November 1.)

2. Also, there are 8,000 pre-mined blocks (100,000 BTG) in the BTG code library. If BTG came out successfully, BTG development team might sell those pre-mined BTG in the open market.

Please understand the risk and treat it carefully.


Thank you for your support and trust!


Bixin team

October 25, 2017