No Fear for Bitcoin Fork, Bixin Distributes Giveaways

On March 21, Bixin made an announcement on solutions to the potential issues from Bitcoin fork (see "Guidelines for Customers with Bitcoin Stored on Bixin"). In the past three weeks, Bixin had distributed giveaways twice, thus gained an excellent reputation within the industry. This time, Bixin decided to update the Bitcoin fork plan, making it more convenient, more efficient to its customers. Not only the distributing on giveaways will be continued, users of Wallet, Financing Account, and Hashrate Exchange will all be covered.


When facing Bitcoin fork, Bixin's primary task is to ensure the safety of its customers' fund. As soon as a split is confirmed, Bixin will temporarily suspend the external deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin so as to ensure security and integrity of its customers' assets. Meanwhile, Internal transactions will not be affected. Bixin will fully evaluate the technical risks of the fork, such as the possibilities of replay attacks, network instability, and other factors. Bixin will recover these functionalities as soon as possible.


As soon as the split is confirmed, Bixin will snapshot the assets in Wallet account, Financing account, and Hashrate Exchange as a reference for the prospective distribution.


After confirming which coin is the ‘Bitcoin,’ Bixin will regard the other one as a fork coin, exchange it to Bitcoin, and distribute it to its users; the distribution will be based on the snapshot mentioned above. Again, this plan includes all users of Wallet, Financing Account, and Hashrate Exchange.


Finally, Bixin will work closely with other teams in the industry to promote the smooth updating of Bitcoin, and to ensure the overall stability of the development of Bitcoin. More details will be provided with the progress of Bitcoin upgrading. Stay tuned.


Bixin team

2017. 7. 18