Distribution Announcement of Lumens

On 30th, June 2017 Bixin published an announcement that we would receive Lumens and change to Bitcoins for our Wallet users and later distribute to their wallet. Review the original announcement: How Bixin Share the Presents from the Stellar Team with Its Users

Currently, Bixin team has received the Lumens on 5th, July, and have sold and exchanged to Bitcoins. 

This receive-exchange operation, minus the transaction loss, the ratio of exchanged Bitcoin is 0.9%. According to the snapshot at 16 o'clock on 27th, June, if in the wallet remained 1 BTC, it would gain 0.009 BTC as revenue, and so on.


After receiving Lumens and exchanging to Bitcoins, they have been distributed to our users' wallet proportionally and automatically, the actual amount of revenue is based on the actual wallet balance when the snapshot was taken. The debit information can be found in the wallet transaction(category is system bonus)


Thank you for the confidence in us, if you have any questions or doubts, please send us an e-mail to support@bixin.com without hesitation.

Bixin team


5th, July 2017