Updated Instruction of Escrow Payment Commission (7.1)

On the 1st, April 2017, Bixin promoted a function of Escrow Payment . We continued bettering and upgrading our product, and we have gained an excellent reputation.


As the third escrow party, we ensured the information transparency and asset security during the trade between senders and receivers efficiently and timely. For providing a high quality of product operation and operational continuity, after three months free use of the escrow payment,


from the 1st, July 2017 we will charge 0.1% of the transaction amount as commission.


This commission will be charged only from the sender when to initiate the escrow payment; it will pre-charge the transaction amount and the commission at the same time. If the deal goes through, the transaction amount will be transferred to receiver's wallet, and Bixin will keep the commission; if not, transaction amount and commission will be returned to sender's wallet.


Bixin team will continue bettering the Escrow Payment service, and we will try our best to meet all the needs of our users.

Bixin team