How Bixin Share the Presents from the Stellar Team with Its Users

Recently, the Stellar team has made our life full of surprises by giving Lumens(XLM) to Bitcoin holders proportionally.


While concentrating on Bitcoin to make it more useful, Bixin, by principle, shouldn’t involve in any other Altcoins of a third party. However, as a responsible platform, we decided to deliver those presents to our users. Given the circumstances of our website, we determined to exchange the Lumens received to Bitcoins first, then send those Bitcoins to users' wallets directly. Here are the following instructions and details:


1. The ones that can get Lumens are bitcoins in wallet account. As bitcoins in Finance account belong to Bixin during the contract period and are already invested, they should not be a part of this Bitcoin-Lumen Program. Similarly, bitcoins in Hashrate Exchange are not involved in this program either.


2. According to our snapshot at 16:00 (GMT +8), 27th June, we will confirm and record the number of bitcoins of every account. The Lumens received will be sold at the market price, then bought to Bitcoin, which will be distributed to all the wallet accounts proportionally and automatically; the precise amount depends on the actual situation. Throughout the process, the users don’t need to do anything.


As a platform, the primary task of Bixin is to protect the Bitcoin assets of our users, while to improve the user experience of using Bitcoin continually to create a new way of life. We are grateful to the Stellar team for their presents to Bitcoin; meanwhile, we wish all our Bitcoin users have a great enjoyment of Bitcoin.



Bixin team