Notice on the first batch of BCC giveaways (10%)

Dear users,


According to the “Clarification on the Snapshot for BCC Giveaways at 20:00 (GMT+8) Aug. 1”, Bixin shall distribute the first batch of BCC giveaways from this week.


Clarification on the first batch:

Today Bixin team has deposited and exchanged the 10% of received BCC in a mainstream exchange, after deducting the transaction loss, the average exchange rate is 0.075 BTC/BCC.


Namely, if you have 1 BTC (1BTC: 1BCC), you will receive 0.0075BTC as giveaways. (1*0.075BTC*10%)


The giveaways have been delivered, you can check in Wallet Bill Details.

Delivery information: systematic delivery--10% BCC candy


The following exchange rate will depend on the actual situation. Because of the large scale, the exchange will take a long time. Your cooperation and patience are fully appreciated. 


For users who have no Bixin APP yet, please click to download: 

Bixin team 

Aug. 7, 2017