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Bitcoinis peer to peer currency system, both fixed number and issue equity. We think it is the best currency on the planet .

Bixin, established in 2014, is the biggest bitcoin wallet platform in China. BesideWalletitself, we are also runningExchangeFinancePooland other products. Meanwhile, we have three bitcoin mining farm located in Chian south-west part.

Our HQ is now in Tianchuang Tech Building, with more than 40 employees, for half of them are developers, we are all bitcoin lovers.


We want to make bitcoin more useful, let it be the real Internet Currency, rebuild the world with blockchain.

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We'd like you

Intelligent, hard-working and good technical background, believing that technology will change the world, full of curiosity, respected science, having strong passion to explore.

As a company of full ownership, you can grow together with the company, and the company promises that you can equally enjoy every step of the development, shares genuineness written in business registration.

Open position

Need you: Smart enough, love technology, curious about new technology.

Full Stack Engineer¥25K and above (CNY)

1.Strong learning ability, find solutions from stackoverflow and other sites, use git;
2.Have unique technology stack, such as python and its based library, and can quickly adapt to new technology stack;
3.Go, Node js, Rust, Erlang and other language tools experience is preferred;
4.Familiar with mainstream relational database design and development, understanding database paradigm, sharding concepts, and postgresql, mysql, mongodb, redis experience;
5.Familiar with browser development, css and javascript libraries such as jquery, angularjs, reactweb, vue.js;
6.Do not need to meet all these requirements, if you have in-depth research in certain areas (front and back end), we also appreciate that.

*Payroll are to be issued in bitcoin (Tax free)

iOS/Android Engineer¥25K and above (CNY)

1.Strong learning ability, find solutions from stackoverflow and other sites, use git;
2.Rich mobile development experience, have iOS or Android App available on app store;
3.iOS developers need to be familiar with common UIView and UIViewController, experienced in web development, familiar with GCD, CoreData and Swift language;
4.Android developers need to be familiar with common components View, Activity lifecycle, can write efficient Java language, familiar with the Java threading model and network programming;
5.Attention to interface detail, ready to meet the challenges of different screen resolution of devices.

*Payroll are to be issued in bitcoin (Tax free)

Rust Engineer¥25K and above (CNY)

1.Rich experience development of P2P system architecture;
2.Familiar with the principle of computer encryption;
3.Have good coding habits;
4.Familiar with Rust language;
5.Familiar with commonly used algorithms and data structures, proficient in network programming and multi-threaded;
6.Have self-learning ability, solve the problems encountered in the development through open source projects;
7.Skilled use of Linux, and MySQL database, with the ability to independently build large-scale systems;
8.Experience in open platform development is a plus.

*Payroll are to be issued in bitcoin (Tax free)

Designer¥15K and above (CNY)

1.Patience, have complete Web and the mobile terminal works, reasonable layers naming and listing;
2.Outstanding logical thinking ability, can understand product demand and user requirements, making interactive prototype;
3.Familiar with Principle / Sketch / Framer.js / Affinity Designer and other prototyping and design tools, Adobe tools are also welcomed;
4.Preferred: Responsive Web design, Vue.js, handwritten CSS layout, Motion Graphic, draw skill;
5.Be sure to include Dribbble / Behance / stop cool / UI China / Blog address and other works.

*Payroll are to be issued in bitcoin (Tax free)

Project Assitant¥6K-8k (CNY)

1.Assist in the development project and product planning, organizing Scrum meeting;
2. Track and refine requirements, coordination and communication with customers;
3. Tracking the progress of development, review the results and give feedback;
4. Preferred computer-related professional graduates, women;
5. Skilled use of commonly used phone app, skilled use of the Internet, having unique perspectives of product.

*Payroll are to be issued in bitcoin (Tax free)

No specific recruitment positions

If you have unique view of our products, it's also welcomed to send resume.

*Salary based on talents


  • Free lunch and dinner
  • Five insurance and free medical(each year)
  • Unlimited soft drink and Snacks
  • Flexible working time
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Working software and books reimbursement
  • Comfortable and open work environment
  • Week MVP, btc as reward

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