About Bixin

1.What is Bixin?

Bixin is a company that provides a host of Bitcoin-related services, including customizable multi-sig wallet, exchange, and BTC-mining based, interest-bearing saving accounts. As of August 2015, over ten thousands of Bitcoin users have found us and maintained accounts on our website. Since our launch, over 400 BTC have been paid to them in the form of dividends.

2.Where is Bixin registered / located?

Bixin is a registered Chinese Corporation, as verified by Beijing Industrial and Commercial Administration website . We are compliant with Chinese and International laws and has been constantly seeking to improve our compliance procedures. Bixin office address, as of the time of writing (Oct 8, 2015), is located in Tian Chuang Tech Building 607A, Haidian, Beijing. Aside from its Beijing office, the company also runs a mining operation in Kangding, Sichuan province.

3.How can a BTC wallet pay interest?

Most don’t. And an on-chain wallet by its very definition can’t. But if you apply a broader definition and see a wallet as an place to store your bitcoins, to send your BTC to and receive from, then Bixin Wallet is no different from most wallets in the market from the perspective of user experience. The difference is the inner workings. Bixin’s Wallet, for instance, functions more like a bank. Bixin retain full right in its sole discretion how to use users’ deposited funds.

4.How is the dividends generated?

Bixin interest is generated through its mining facility. To understand BTC mining, go to here to learn more details. Pictures of our mining facility can be found here .

5. What services does Bixin provide?

Bixin is a leading Bitcoin wallet based in China. We provide users with easy ways to buy, transfer, store and trade bitcoins. We also provide Bitcoin denominated investment, enterprise-grade vaults, Bitcoin mining pools and other services.

About Mining

1.Why did I get charged when sending Bitcoins to you?

Aren’t Bitcoin transactions supposed to be free?

Bitcoin transaction fees are optional. The Bitcoin network will confirm your transaction even if you choose not to include a transaction fee, but it can result in a delay of hours or days before your transaction is confirmed. As a result, most wallet software will include a small fee on all transactions by default. These fees go directly to the bitcoin miners, and are not received by Bixin. To ensure speedy confirmation, we recommend including a small fee on your deposits.

2.If mining is profitable, why are you not mining yourself?

Mining is often called race of arms, but it is also like climbing the Everest - you only get a certain time window for the greatest chances of successful summit. Right now, we are in such a time window. We can make more money if we expand our operations faster. Thus even with all the interest deducted from the profit, we still end better off if we borrowing capital from others. In addition, paying interest is also our user growth strategy. It makes better sense giving money to our users than buying banner ads.

3.Can’t I mine myself?

In today’s market, only a small minority of people or organizations with dedicated hardware can mine Bitcoins with a margin high enough to recoup the investment. We are one of them. As industry becomes more and more specialized, solo and small miners are being squeezed out of the market. With years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the industry, thus are better equipped to avoid the loopholes. Electricity is one of the primary reasons. While some miners may be able to find cheap, even free electricity, household rates in most countries just can’t compete the rate of off-grip hydropower that we were able to obtain. Most mining equipment are manufactured in China. Being located in China afford us the advantage of shorter shipping time and less cost. In the mining industry, time is money. So we add value by experience, and lower overhead and removing other worries - for instance, you don’t need to put up with the heat and noise that you would almost certainly face if you mine at home. You will also be guilt-free because our miners are 100% powered by clean recyclable hydropower.

4.Where is your mining farm located?

Kangding, western Sichuan. See pictures on this thread on Bitcointalk forum.

5.What coins do you mine?

Bitcoin only.

6.What kind of return can get from my investment?

For Wallet, the rate current as of Sep 16 is 1%.
For Finance, the rate starts from 2% and is capped at 6.01%.

Frequently asked

1.What should I put my money in Bixin rather with buying mining contracts?

The difference between the two is like investing in stock market and opening a saving account. The shares you buy may appreciate in value over time, but it is not guaranteed. In fact, statistics suggests that there is a good chance that you may end up losing money. Bixin gives you the ease of mine of always having your principle back, and anytime you request it.

2.What do I need to do to invest in Bixin?

Click Sign Up , and activate your account. Following an ID verification process, then depending on your need, you can either use the Wallet or the Financing. In case of the former, the first installment of interest will arrive one hour exactly after your deposit is confirmed with us. In case of the later, the minimum requirement is 10 BTC and you have to wait for a month to see the interest payment deposited to your account.

3.How can I contact Bixin?

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information on how to get in touch. Our customer support team works around the clock and is happy to help with any questions that you may have.

For English language support, sending email to support email address or going to the support thread on Bitcointalk is the surest way to get responses. Skype or WeChat offers you the option of speedier response.

4.What non-mining services do Bixin offer?

We have an exchange service. Users can deposit cash in CNY from their banks to their Bixin accounts and use them to buy BTC. Conversely, they can also sell their BTC for CNY.

Bixin also hosts two types of multi-sig wallets tailor-made for individual users and institutional ones.
More products are still under development.

Stay tuned.

5.What currencies can I trade bitcoins with?

You can trade between bitcoins and CNY. We are looking to add more trading pairs.

6.We accept 11 Chinese banks, as show on our deposit page:

1. China Merchants Bank
2. China Bank of Industry and Commerce
3. China Construction Bank
4. Bank of China
5. Agricultural Bank of China
6. Bank of Communications
7. SPD Bank
8. China Minsheng Bank
9. China Ever bright Bank
10. China industrial Bank
11 Bank of Shanghai

In addition, we also support AliPay, the world largest third party payment service.

7.How much does Bixin charge in fees for trading, deposit and withdrawal?

Buy and Sell bitcoin 0.3%, Bitcoin withdrawal 0.0005 BTC per transaction, CNY and Bitcoin deposit free.

About Bixin account

1.What is verification?

National and International laws regulate the flow of currency in order to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Although we are not officially regulated yet, we have decided to stay compliant with these laws by following AML and CTF guidelines. As part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, we ask our users to provide their personally identifiable information. As of October 8, 2015, users are required to submit a photo facing the camera with handhold ID documents.

2.Can I change my registered email address?

For security reasons we do not allow email address changes. If you want to use another email address, please register a new account.

3.I enabled Google authenticator and can no longer access it. What can I do?

Two-factor authentication is an important security feature, and removing it carries security risks. We manually approve all requests to remove two-factor authentication, so you’ll need to contact if you’ve lost your device, or encounter other difficulties. You will need to provide some proof before we remove the code from your account.

4.What currencies can I deposit and withdraw?


5.How can I use the Bixin API?

We intend to release our API soon. We will keep you posted.

6.What can I do to make my Bixin account more secure?

Bixin implements some of the most advanced features in the industry for securing your account.

We use SSL encryption and regularly scan for malware and vulnerabilities. We also maintain complete server and database backups. Even though we are confident that we are following the best practice in the industry, this is just half of the equation. We suggest users to take precautions to prevent having their account access details fall into the wrong hands, such as setting up a two-factor authentication for account login and funding. Use a strong password for the email account associated with your Bixin account as well.

We also mandatorily require users to set up a six-digit secondary withdrawal password which has to be manually typed in every time when a withdrawal is requested.

7.What are your funding/withdrawal limits?

There is no limit for funding.
Withdrawal is capped at 1000000 yuan per day.

8.How long does Bitcoin funding take?

They are automatically added, and normally after three BTC confirmations. Delays, however, can happen in certain circumstances.

9.Are Bitcoin withdrawals instant?

Withdrawals are manually verified, and may take up to 30 minues to arrive in your verified bank accounts. In case of large number of withdrawal requests take place in a short period of time, delay may happen. Slower procession can also be caused by the banks, over which Bixin has little control.


1. Is investing in Bixin always profitable?

Bixin undertake to keep our end of the bargain, which is paying you the interest as we promise. But users should be aware that Bitcoin is a new technology, that the value of which is not backed by any single government or organization. Due to its small market cap, it is susceptible to market manipulation, resultant in exchange rate fluctuation, and sometimes radically. Though the interest Bixin pays is regarded high, users may still lose money in fiat terms in case the BTC value drops under the breakeven point.

2.Where can I find a forum where Bixin is discussed?

Please visit the

3.What is the minimum amount of BTC that I have to have in my Bixin wallet to get dividend?

To have an annual interest displayed, you will have to have 8760/ (annual interest rate ) sotashies.
As of now, this is 0.00146 BTC.
Lower than that, you will not be able to see your interest.

4.What is Bixin Benchmark Price?

Bixin Benchmark Price is a liquidity-adjusted, volume-weighted average price that Bixin undertakes to honor. To ensure that, Bixin has a risk-management fund which serves to maintain price stability in periods of great market volatility.

Bixin Exchange

1.Commissions and Fees

Under Bixin Exchange’s current Maker-Taker model, in every transaction, Taker pays 0.2% while Maker earns 0.1% of the value of the transaction.

2.What does Limit Order, Limit Maker-Only Order and Market Order mean?

【Limit Order】: A Limit Order allows the trader to specify the price and amount of the order. A Limit Order will only be filled if price reaches the specified price; if the order is only partially filled, then the unfilled will be turned into a new limit order where the set parameters will continue to apply.

【Maker Only】: A Maker Only Order will be canceled automatically if it matches with existing orders upon submission. Otherwise, it will be sitting in the order book, until they are filled or manually canceled by user.

【Market Order】: A Market Order will be executed immediately at the most favorable prices available in the order book. please refer to: exchange-guide

Bixin Pool

1.How can I mine with Bixin Pool? Where to download the software and buy the miners?

To use Bixin Pool, you will need to purchase your own hash hardware, aka miners. You are recommended to download the client on Bixin doesn’t sell hash hardware.

2.How much do I pay to use Bixin Pool?

We use PPS payment model and the fee rate currently stands at 1.5%

3.Do I need an external wallet address to be able to receive my mining reward?

No, you don’t. Your mining reward will be directly sent to your Bixin Wallet. Your mining reward will be paid every 24 hours. The cutoff point is 8:00 AM everyday. Your payment will show up on the balance of your Bixin Wallet within four hours after the cutoff point.

4.Is worker name the same with pool account name? How to set up my miners?

Your account name is the same as the worker name. When you set up your miner(s), make sure that the two are the same; inconsistency of the two will lead to failure to receive mining payment. For more details, please refer to: pool-help

5.My firewall blocks port 3333, can I still mine?

You can mine using port 443 or port 25

6.How can I monitor the total hash rate of the pool?

You can check it on Bitcoin data app BitKan. The “connection code” you will be required to provide is the same as your "Pool User".


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