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【郭树清:很高兴回到金融系统 与尚福林第二次交接】据参加银监会内部会议的人士透露,郭树清今日上午做了发言,表示要增强“四个意识”,带头讲政治,狠抓党建,同时提到很高兴回到金融系统,提及这是与前任银监会主席尚福林的第二次交接。大家什么有好的工作建议,可形成不超过2000字的材料递交给他。(中国证券网)2017-02-24-13:00

【中国央行公开市场终结连续四周净回笼 本周净投放1550亿元】 中国央行公开市场将进行100亿元7天期逆回购操作,100亿元14天期逆回购操作,100亿元28天期逆回购操作。 央行公开市场今日将有500亿逆回购到期。 公开市场本周净投放1550亿元,上周净回笼1500亿元2017-02-24-12:00

美国财长:4月汇率报告前不将中国定为汇率操纵国。 特朗普接受媒体采访时再度抨击中国是汇率操纵“总冠军”。 媒体称特朗普考虑将大规模基建投资方案推迟到明年推行。 IMF称在承诺参与救助以前,需要讨论希腊经济改革和债务减免。2017-02-24-11:00

上证报:银监会将举行重要会议,多地银监局局长赴京参会;郭树清赴京。 财政部“史上最严”问责处理建议:地方政府违规举债担保一律问责到人。 住建部:加快房地产税立法,2017年要防止房价大起大落。 央视:本周上海类住宅较为集中的闵行、嘉定两区开始试点,整治“类住宅”项目。 微博、新浪盘后发布的财报均好于预期,但股价跌超13%。2017-02-24-10:00


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We publicize real-time hashrate via Btckan, leading Chinese BTC portal.
Our total hashrate at the moment is 126,882 T/S.


Security is the lifeline of our Business.
To ensure ultimate security, we employ HSM(hardware encryption),
multi-signature technology security and industry-grade cold storage.
Our security measures are as sound as the Bitcoin protocol itself.


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Our team decades of IT experience to the table. Our tech team worked at
globally renown IT companies such as Microsoft and Baidu. Our service has been running for over a year with no incident.

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"If the consensus is implemented successfully, it will set an example for future collaborations between all parties," said Wu Gang, chief executive officer of HaoBTC, which accounts for about five percent of the computing power used to verify bitcoin transactions.

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HaoBTC runs one other mine in Sichuan and one farther west in Xinjiang, with more than 11,000 machines, earning more than 80 bitcoin a day — a daily income stream worth more than $745,000.

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