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【ETC投资信托在种子期就获1000万美元融资,目前已向投资者开放】数字货币集团(DCG)的子公司Grayscale Investments正在为以太坊原链(Ethereum Classic)的加密货币ETC推出一个新的投资工具。这个ETC投资信托在种子期就获得了1000万美元的投资,且从今天开始,就会向投资者开放。2017-04-27-14:43


【比特币耶稣Ver宣布开展云挖矿技术,为了改变当前弱势?】“比特币耶稣”兼Bitcoin.com所有人Roger Ver公开宣布了一个云挖矿项目,这引发了人们广泛的热议。一些人怒骂这是一个骗局,另一些人则表现的相当中立。一些人认为,云挖矿可以通过提高出产的算力来帮助BU获得更多的支持率。究竟是不是这样?2017-04-27-13:59


Bixin provides innovative and well-rounded solutions for global Bitcoin users and investors.

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Your interest comes from our multi-MW datacenters that are equivalent to mints in the world of Bitcoin.

Lightspeed Transfer

Super fast and easy to transfer bitcoin to anyone of anywhere.

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Our proprietary algorithm enables users to expect to always buy or sell at the most favorable prices.

You demand, we deliver.


We publicize real-time hashrate via Btckan, leading Chinese BTC portal.
Our total hashrate at the moment is 151,893 T/S.


Security is the lifeline of our Business.
To ensure ultimate security, we employ HSM(hardware encryption),
multi-signature technology security and industry-grade cold storage.
Our security measures are as sound as the Bitcoin protocol itself.


Strong Team, Even Stronger Track Record.
Our team decades of IT experience to the table. Our tech team worked at
globally renown IT companies such as Microsoft and Baidu. Our service has been running for over a year with no incident.

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GT Chow@GT Chow


Da Hongfei@Da Hongfei

"If the consensus is implemented successfully, it will set an example for future collaborations between all parties," said Wu Gang, chief executive officer of HaoBTC, which accounts for about five percent of the computing power used to verify bitcoin transactions.

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HaoBTC runs one other mine in Sichuan and one farther west in Xinjiang, with more than 11,000 machines, earning more than 80 bitcoin a day — a daily income stream worth more than $745,000.

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